International Education Connection & Solutions Inc.

iNECS (international Education Connection & Solutions Inc.) offers Chinese students a K-12 American education experience that will prepare them to be a world citizen

What We Believe

Throughout our years of experience we’ve found that the classroom provides the best learning opportunity for students in China.

What We Do

Through the use of video telecommunication equipment we bring the American classroom to China. Classrooms full of students located in China learn via the equipment from a teacher located in the USA.

Why Choose Us

Teachers can teach classes in the morning or at night, making it an easy add to an already busy schedule.

iNECS provides training, lesson plans, teaching aids, feedback sessions and a real-time tech support team to meet our teachers' needs.

Our advanced Technology makes it possible to create a learning environment that mirrors the American classroom.

iNECS was founded by educators who saw a need and aimed to fill it. Our goal is to hire teachers who are passionate about teaching students and who strive to help each student reach his or her potential. Join a dedicated and passionate education community.

Our Students

Our 40 classrooms are located in various cities around China in Prestigious public and private schools and training centers.